General Musings for a Tuesday

It’s 5:00 AM on a Tuesday. Lots of thoughts swirling around and not one is a big thought on it’s own, but a lot of little thoughts to ponder at once.

Look for ESPN to hire local bloggers in the Dallas market for their new localized sites. The goal is not exactly to destroy local media, so much as co-opt it. By pulling local writers, bloggers and photographers into their orbit, all sports coverage—even high school games—can be filtered through the ESPN logo. And if they happen to gobble up a few sports departments when their parent newspapers inevitably die, well … then maybe you’ll feel like they’ve done you favor. Hey, thanks ESPN! Hmmm, I wonder if I should submit my work?

Great reviews on the Dallas Cowboys Stadium over the weekend.

And Mark Cuban had his case vs. the IRS dismissed in court, but his legal troubles continue.

I’m thinking a week’s vacation is soon. Thinking about an Amtrak trip down to Austin, San Antonio trip to visit some kids are in order. I like Sea World.

I have come to realize I have many more videos than I thought I had. YouTube may want to start charging me.

It occurs to me that not only have I filmed a lot of stuff, I’ve had a busy summer so far.

So it’s been fun. I’m looking forward to the company softball game tonight. Should be a hoot.


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