Former pro baseball player is Texas’ worst deadbeat dad

Wow, what a story this is/was.

This guy owed over $700,000 in back child support but owned an island? Wow.

From the San Antonio News-Express

A former professional baseball player who is Texas’ worst deadbeat dad was sentenced Thursday to five years of probation for leaving the U.S. to avoid paying child support.

Troy Lee Neel, who owes $778,917 in child support, admitted in a plea deal in May that he traveled to the south Pacific island nation of Vanuatu to avoid paying child support.

U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez could have imposed a two-year prison sentence recommended by federal sentencing guidelines, which also called for one year of supervision after prison. But the judge said the probation term gave him more control of Neel and was more appropriate so Neel could start paying down the debt.

The judge also noted that Neel has been in jail for more than seven months, since his arrest Dec. 11.


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