General Musings, Friday, 7-24-09

Yippee! It’s friday!!!

No, let me re-phrase that. It’s Hawaiian Shirt Friday!!!!

I only work 1/2 day today!

So, since I’ve been up since 3:00, let’s see what I can come up with to muse about today.

I’m very thankful to the people that read my blog. We average a couple hundred hits a day and it’s really amazing when I think about how nice it is that you take the time to visit this site.

Seeing as how we are primarily a sports blog, this time of year is neat because we are just about to start covering football, and in Texas at least, that’s huge!

Since I work part-time at the new Cowboys Stadium, I’m really looking forward to seeing some college and pro games there. They will even have high school games come playoff time, but that’s down the road.

Here’s a question for you. If I were going to start a website, how would I decide on where to go to get a web site? I know it depends on what I want the site for, but does anyone know of a good web hosting company? Please let me know. Thaks.

Also, aren’t these Home Shopping Networks funny in a way?


Now, let’s talk a minute about our ever-changing cell phone etiquette. Have you ever been in a place like a small cafe or coffee shop where you can easily hear another person’s phone conversation when they are on their cell phone? I mean, how do you handle that? What do you do?

I was in a cafe yesterday, and I swear this lady not only was having a conversation, she was regurgitating all of the knowledge on a particular subject, keeping her listener and me, at the mercy of all of her vast knowledge. There was no attempt of “hey, can I call you later, I’m at lunch” sort of deal. This woman was the entertainment for our lunch break! I finally got tired of listening to her boring synopsis of the theory of evolution, and turned the volume up on my laptop so I could hear my game of Farkle without interruption. It must have worked because soon after I cranked it, she ended her conversation.

By the way, I saw this video and laughed out loud.

Which reminds me, I was on the train going to work earlier this week, and apparently I sat behind two government employees. All they could talk about was how many benefits they had accrued and how so-and-so was so stupid at their jobs. I cranked my laptop up on them too.

OK then, I’m sipping some coffee and about to get some breakfast. Have a good Friday and we’ll see you through out the day today.


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