The Soccer experience

Let me quote a comment about the game from a reader of the Dallas Morning News:

Great event…but in other ways, somewhat of a let down.

Chelsea pulled a big snub to US soccer/English soccer fans in Dallas by sitting most of their top players.

While my mind and other people did warn me of it maybe being a possibility, I shrugged it off. “This is why they are here” I would tell myself, to show off the engine and parts of the machine.

Instead the coach pulled the plug maybe fearing since it was the “final” match that mexico players would play with more heart and determination. Audible cheers of “we want drogba” and hearing children, CHILDREN ask “is lampard gonna play?” is not only disturbing to me but to dedicated fans of the sport.

Protecting your players is one thing, but good grief, give the people at least 20 minutes of the best players on the field.

They spent 120K for real grass on the field for these princesses, and then the coach didn’t even sub them in.

If Manchester United were here doing the same thing….I feel strongly they would NOT do this. Chelsea has A LOT to learn about simple branding and promotion.

As for the stadium…it’s simply amazing. It’s absolutely colossal. However, being so big, the gaping holes (probably due to high ticket prices in some areas) were very obvious. 2nd level which is the “wine and cheese crowd”, had barley anyone in them.

Super suites were 1/5 full. Sideline suites were 3/8 full from what I could see.

4 sections, in which you could hold around 400 people, only had about 50-100 people in each respectable section.

Total attendance: a little under 58K. WAY below the other events that were in the upper and middle 70K. Jerry missed out on some good money.

I actually had fun working at the stadium today. It was much more organized and the workers knew where to send people than the George Strait concert. I know the attendance was off, but i still thought it was exciting.

Oh, and in case you are interested in what happened in the game, here’s a link.

Overall a good experience for me, but I was glad to get home and get to bed. Next up: Paul McCartney.


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