Michael Vick Signs with the Eagles

I have a few things to say here.

I don’t claim to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

Have I ever made dogs fight and kill each other? No.
Have I ever held a dog under water until he drowned? No
Have I ever struck a defensless animal for not fighting? No.

As a life-long Cowboys fan…I have seen or listened to every Cowboys game in history..and consequently, have been pretty familiar with the Philidelphia Eagle..
And this to me is the lowest of the low for them.
Say what you want about Jerry..but Jeffery Lurie is the worst of the worst now for signing Michael Vick.

I hereby declare I will start a group (from my blog of course) of fans to demonstrate against Michael vick when he and the rest of the Buzzards come to Cowboys Stadium this year.

Someone needs to stand up and protect defensless dogs…we will do that.

Bad luck is hereby declared on the Philadlphia Eagles for sinking so low as to sign this low-life.


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