The Cowboys Stadium video board seems to be a problem








It seems that as fancy as the new Cowboys Stadium is, there is going to be lots of controversy with the new video board and punters punting the ball and hitting the board.

In the third quarter, Titans backup punter A.J. Trapasso drilled the giant board with a towering punt. He almost hit it again when, by rule, he had to re-kick the ball. Trapasso said the video board has to move, but Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said the punter tried to hit it on purpose.

So now, there is controversy already about it.

Trapasso admitted to aiming for the board during pre-game warmups, when he nailed it three times, but maintained that he tried to avoid it during the game.

“We were peppering that thing during warmups,” Trapasso said. “Mind you, they’re good kicks that are going up there and hitting it. It’s nothing that is going to happen every time, but it’s got to be addressed. I don’t know how much further up it can go, but it’s in the way.”

“You don’t need to [move it],” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “I mean this very much because most of your punts go to the sidelines, and you’ve got to be trying to hit it to bump it. You really do.”

Phillips didn’t seem happy that somebody hit the video board.

“I don’t think that ball would have gone 30 yards,” Phillips said of Trapasso’s punt.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher is the co-chairman of the NFL competition committee and believes the video board is too low, despite what the measurements say. It’s possible, if the video board doesn’t move, that Fisher will ask the league to look into it. If things remain the same, Fisher most likely will bring it up again at a rules’ committee meetings in the offseason.

“It is an issue,” Fisher said. “It will be an issue. I shouldn’t have to throw a flag out there because [the referees] didn’t see the ball hit the scoreboard. It’s not necessarily their responsibility. Once the fair catch signal is given, then there’s no eyes on the ball anymore. They don’t see it, so something has to get worked out.”

So as much glitter and glitz as Jerry trys to spin on this billion dollar stadium, I think there is a real problem with the video board controversy. I can see a big deal about it in the future.


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