Yes, God works, even in my life…


I don’t know how or where to begin with this…

All I know is I have to tell it. You may find it interesting how God works in people’s lives or not…like salvation, the choice is yours. What I’m about to tell you may not seem earth-shattering to you, but I am absolutely stoked with excitement. And as of yet, I don’t even know why. Let me explain, but before I do, you have to believe I am telling you the truth because I could not make this up, nor would I want to claim God is working and he wasn’t.

 I have to begin this from about a month ago. Actually you could say a year ago, with my health issues. But at any rate, last month I had a strong desire to get back in to going to church. I used to go often but since had gotten divorced back in 1995, I had stopped attending church.

A few weeks ago I had a longing to see my friends in Lancaster at the Millwood Baptist Church that I had helped get started after we split from the 1st Church of Lancaster.

I was so excited to get to visit my old church, I got there at 9:00 for the 10:00 service. And God began to show me these weren’t my old friends. I saw stranger after stranger and didn’t recognize any friends…so I left, and I was very disappointed. I was also concerned where they went? I finally got home and sent a message to one of my friends on Facebook. He told me the church had financial problems and everyone scattered.

I was very disappointed and sad.

Now, let me show you how God works. I was coming home from work on August 26th I think the date was. I was sitting across from a lady on the train and I don’t even remember how the conversation got started, but she told me about her church and how much she loved her church. She seemed genuine and very excited about her church. Needless to say I was impressed, and made a mental note that I would visit the following Sunday.

I couldn’t wait until Sunday. Again I got there early, and it was beautiful! Everything was so pretty there.

I even took a picture of the parking lot.

I had been tired of being alone. I was tired and a little scared I guess of not having anyone to share things with. I missed having friends you know? People besides co-workers to talk to. God found me a place right here. I started to notice how God was beginning to help me in my life. Huh? Yes, God was helping me in life. He was showing me things…he was showing me how to be quite and just take notice how he is doing things in my life. My family and friends were praying for me, (thanks karin) because I don’t think I would know how to ask for him to do even that. But i digress.

I went to the Sunday School class and I sat down and I kid you not, before I realized it, I was surrounded by my new friends…..I didn’t ask them to sit there…they just appeared there. (Later, we would all recount how we all happened to have sat there, and that’s another amazing story for later.)

These people. It’s like we went to grade school together. I hadn’t met any of them, but I knew them all. So surreal.

I just went to the Sunday school class, and I felt so many things and had so much to think about, I didn’t stay for church. I had been spiritually fed, and I wanted to go take a nap. We were to meet thursday night at a member’s home to discuss Bible again. I was looking forward to that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009.

The day began at work like any other day. This was sort of a different day though. My co-workers and I were talking about the regional meeting we were going to attend at the end of September, and we were talking about taking the train to Austin instead of driving. The day was going swell. At 3:30 PM my boss asked me into his office, and he goes, “I’m sorry Lew, we gotta let you go.” He had just told us that his wife had a miscarriage the previous weekend, so I know this wasn’t easy for him. I told him not to worry about it. I got my stuff, and came home. I was fired because in the college admissions business, if you don’t have enough people start, you get whacked. Plain and simple.

I drove to work that day. On the way home I remembered we had our church group meeting that night. A little voice said “you don’t really want to go to that deal do ya?” I couldn’t believe I could hear that voice so clearly. But something told me to how we used to say in the Army, CONTINUE TO MARCH!! In other words….do what you had planned to do. It was so emphatic, it was so clear. So I was fired at 3:30, and at 7:00 PM I was at Brenda’s house along with the rest of my Sunday class, enjoying the songs and friendships, and the Bible study. As I was sitting there I thought how good it felt to be among friends. How nice and thankful that God was with me.

I don’t feel angry at my job for letting me go. I miss my friends at work, but I believe God has a plan for me.

Fedex came to the door just 2 hours ago with my final paycheck, and with that, I paid my final truck note. Also of note is my lease on my apartment is up in November. The timing here is kinda bizarre. I am paying really close attention to things because I think God is getting ready to send me somewhere….

I’ve applied for jobs from San Antonio to Iraq. I am just waiting on God to lead me through this. We got a rain yesterday and as I drove up the street, two birds were in the street getting a drink of the cool rain. I thought then God even takes care of his birds, surely he will take care of me.

And oh by the way, I got my financial aid and I start school next Monday!!

I am just trusting God…

I don’t know where I will be tomorrow, but I do know it will be with him.


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