It’s time for our high school reunion!

It’s time to go to my high school reunion.

I thought of all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t go. Let’s see, because it’s supposed to rain, uhh I need to change the plugs in my truck, uhhh not sure if my sock drawer is organized enough….ok, so the real reason i started to not go? I’m unemployed. Think about it….Imagine the questions. “Uh Lewis? What are you doing now?” This coming from a guy that has 35 years at Haliburton or some such…It’s gonna be difficult, so why go through with it?

Because this might be the last time I see these people! The Class of 69 is 40 years old this year. Wow.

So I’m gonna load up the laptop and camera and trek over to west texas tomorrow and enjoy the day that is the reunion. Wish me luck.


Well I’ m here at Mustang Bowl….Be sure to keep with with live updates here!


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