Seriously, I’m so blessed

So it’s Friday evening, and I’m just chilin tonight on the balcony with a glass of wine and my laptop.

I’m able to just sit back and marvel how fortunate and blessed I am. I was released from my job on 9/3/09, and I just found out I qualified for unemployment benefits. Thank God for that.Seriously!

So all I have as far as bills are rent, electric, cable, and phone.

I just made my last truck note. I am very thankful. Now I can take time to get my resume  in order and start looking for a new place to work, no stress though.

I didn’t feel good today. I have bloodwork scheduled for Monday. Hopefully, my cholesterol has gone down, but we’ll see. My insurance is good till the 30th…and I applied for COBRA benefits, so we’ll see how all of that goes.

I am trying to get the program “I Am Second” program at my church and college..more on that later.

Thanks to Kristi for offering to by me dinner Tuesday which is my birthday….that made my day. Thanks!


OK more later…hope you have more going on on a friday than


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