It’s fun to let God drive my life

Hello there. It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged anything. I’ve been kind of busy looking for employment and just haven’t felt the need to write. By the way, thanks for continuing to read this blog.

I wanted to tell you this story that happened to me today. I took some garbage out to the dumpster and on the way back in I noticed a bag that looked like a computer bag resting by a pole under the covered parking area where we park our cars here at the apartment complex. There were no other vehicles around it, so I just assumed someone got in their car and forgot their bag.

I went over and picked it up and took it inside my apartment to see if I could find the rightful owner. There was a plastic tag on it that said “If found, contact so-and-so” which was a company e-mail address. I immediately sent an e-mail and went on about my business of trying to find a job. Being in college admissions, I needed to hurry and find a job since school had just started at most high schools in the area.

At about 3:00, a gentleman called and said that that is his bag, and when and where could he pick it up? Turns out he and his family live here at the apartments. I told him I would meet him at the leasing office in 5 minutes. He walked in the door of the office and flashed his airlines credentials verifying his name, and I handed him the bag. It was a heavy bag complete with a laptop and other stuff that he needed to do his job. He was so thankful to get it back and wanted to pay me, for which I refused.

I wanted to see where this was going to go. I wanted to refuse any kind of compensation and just let God drive this situation. The man was very nice. He said he and his wife prayed all day to get the bag back. He said his office in San Francisco alerted him about my e-mail. He said he was so thankful.

The icing on this cake?

Now please believe me I didn’t and don’t expect any kind of reward for this action. But the man asked me where I worked and I told him I was in-between jobs at the moment. He asked what kind of work did I previously do and I told him I did college admissions.

His response?

His brother works at a large university up north in the (you guessed it) admissions department. In fact, he is the director of that admissions department. He said he will call his brother tonight and tell  him about me.

Folks, I didn’t ask for this…God just provided it. We’ll see how this works…Maybe God wants me in Ohio for some reason. All I know is, I’m  just along for the ride.


Take care,




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