A Fall Rain Falling

Are you like me and love the change of seasons from summer to fall?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been motivated to write, but that happens every now and then. I’m back.

The new job rocks, the training is great, and it’s all only 5 minutes from my apartment! The people I am working with are all very smart, and could be the best group of people I have ever been around.  I have been coming home for lunch! That’s just unheard of. I have been getting home by 6:00 every evening and that was unheard of before. I can remember many days where I wished I got off at 6:00 in Dallas.

Anyway, we’ve been getting our share of rain..That’s ok with me. I like the idea of trying to feel snuggled in a nice environment.

And oh by the way, I am going to school and things are going good there too. I have a B and an A in classes so far. Couple that with tuition reimbursement, and life is great!

I still have chest pains every now and again…but life is really pretty good considering it all. I feel very fortunate that I was only unemployed for 6 weeks. Thanks Lord.

I’ll get this posted, but before I go for the evening, let’s watch a cool video.


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