Dogs welcoming home soldiers

I can’t begin to imagine how hard it would be to leave my family for months at a time, especially if my destination were Iraq or Afghanistan. These reunion videos—for me, at least—shed a tiny beam of light on how emotionally draining being a military family can be. They’ll also make you want a dog. To commemorate Veterans Day, here are some overjoyed dogs greeting returning soldiers

In our first clip, Gracie welcomes her dad, who has returned from Afghanistan

Buddy can’t contain his enthusiasm after seven months apart from his owner

Aren’t dogs great?

Basset hound Reggie welcomes his best friend home from Afghanistan

This boxer was cautious at first, but that caution was quickly replaced by excessive jubilation.

Not a dog person? We’ll end with a compilation of returning soldiers surprising their kids at school. Powerful, powerful stuff.
* * * * *
On this Veterans Day, here’s hoping all our men and women serving overseas get to come home soon. And when they do, I hope they all get equally enthusiastic greetings—from dogs and cats, sons and daughters, significant others, parents, neighbors, friends, and grateful strangers.

Thank you for your service. Get home safe. Your puppies need you.


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