An Article Too Deep To Name

What if you wanted to show someone what it was like to see how you think?

Let me repeat that.

What if you could show someone how you think?

Let me try and explain that.

Suppose I could demonstrate to you as you read this, that I might have a ton of other thoughts going on in my head as I write this?

Obviously, with the advent of the internet and YouTube etc., this concept isn’t a new idea, but when it comes to writing and expressing your ideas, it does have it’s merits as far as getting an idea across.

Additionally, this idea and technique in hyperlinking can be used in Microsoft Outlook and most e-mails. Imagine sending your boss an e-mail about a project and you have the word “project” hyperlinked with this?

Or suppose you send an e-mail to a person you want to really impress. Would this work? 

People do this all of the time in blogs and news stories. I just wonder why it isn’t done more often in business to stress a point?

Let’s say I was a defense contractor and I was bidding on a contract. Wouldn’t this be cool to add in my proposal somewhere? Will writing become different in our future? Will documents begin to have side thinking with hyperlinks? Will thinking in the future become fragmented with what I call side-thinking?

When we look at a sentence, will there be side-thinking?

I’m not sure if any of this is making sense. It’s early on a Saturday morning, and I’m on my first cup of coffee, but maybe you get the idea. Have a good day.


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