MLB needs to repo the Rangers

It’s no secret Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks is trying to sell the Rangers. I understand times are tough for everyone in this economy. But Hicks’ exit strategy is becoming insane and I believe it’s time for Major League Baseball to step in and take control here. The team has no money. Players are leaving the Rangers as if the entire city of Arlington has the plague.

Marlon Byrd is gone. So is Pudge Rodriguez, Omar Visquel, and they are shopping Kevin Millwood. The 2010 Rangers won’t be quite the same as the 2009 version that did pretty well with the exception of perhaps one more solid pitcher and hitter.

The disturbing story out of the winter meetings this week is that team president Nolan Ryan said yesterday that if Pittsburg attorney isn’t the new owner, that he will go do something else other than being team president.

Team president Nolan Ryan, breaking a silence he has maintained since September, said he is aligned with only Chuck Greenberg in a bid to purchase the club from Hicks Sports Group.

Ryan also said that he will leave the organization if Dennis Gilbert purchases the team and assumes control of baseball operations.

“Under the scenario that was presented to me by Tom last week, after thinking about it a couple days, I told Tom that I didn’t feel like I would stay with the ball club if Dennis came in under that scenario — Dennis overseeing the day-to-day operations,” Ryan told a group of Dallas-Fort Worth reporters covering the team at the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown.

Hicks told Ryan that he had reached an agreement with Gilbert that would allow Hicks to maintain control of the club and put Gilbert in charge of all baseball operations. The Hicks-Gilbert arrangement has since fallen apart.

Gilbert and Ryan confirmed that they submitted revised proposals Monday, and a Tuesday deadline has been set by Major League Baseball for Hicks to recommend a bid. It is widely believed that Houston businessman Jim Crane is out of the running.

But there seems to be some uncertainty if the deadline will be met. Hicks declined comment when reached. Greenberg, a Pittsburgh attorney, said his group of investors isn’t going away no matter how long it takes.

So there seems to be an old-fashioned impasse here, and I think MLB needs to move in and take control of this situation before more permanent damage is done to the team.

We have a term phrase here in Texas for situations like this, but I need to sort of clean it up a bit. Tom Hicks needs to either sell the team, or buy a new tea pot. And since I see Mr. Hicks dragging his feet on this deal to try to retain as much control as he can, Major League Baseball needs to take the team away from him in the interest of the Great Game.

Ryan could leave Rangers if bid fails (Star Telegram)


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