The Dallas sports scene is in shambles

Never before has the sports scene in Dallas been so much in shambles. Believe me when I say, there are plenty of sports fans in north Texas, and other various points around the world, disappointed in some way with the various Dallas teams, none the least of which are the Dallas Cowboys. Let me try and explain why. The Cowboys are in a week of adjustment. They lost another game to the NY Giants. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of the over-blown yankees beating the Cowboys when in fact, they can’t beat anyone else. Seriously, what does that say about the Cowboys?

Now, the latest developments is Tony Romo is going to be the holder for Nick Folk who is mad at the previous holder and punter Matt McBriar. In fact, in a wek where the cowboys need to circle the wagons and show solidarity, Folk and McBriar are fighting like school kids. On the horizon? A man who coaches the Chargers that applied for the same job that Wade Phillips beat him out of. Norv Turner. Norv Turner has all kinds of things to show Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Can you say revenge?  And by the way, if I know Norv Turner, watch for a trick play early in this game as sort of a sub it in your face Jerry message.

Let me go ahead and predict a Chargers victory. That will make the Cowboys 0-2 in December, and another rung on the ladder for Wade Phillips to slide sown on his way out the door as the head coach of the Cowboys. Being a coach for the Cowboys used to be such an honored position, but it isn’t anymore. Jerry has arranged to have the next puppet in line waiting in the wings to replace Phillips at year’s end.

And now the talk about the Rangers. The Rangers let the #1 pitcher in their rotation go to Baltimore in Kevin Millwood. The Rangers get Rich Hardin who loves the DL. He’s only had 1 season where he has not hit the DL. The guy is a sick puppy. And this is a good trade? No! Chris Ray? Nah…a fugitive of  Tommy John surgery.

The Rangers are simply trying to save money until they decide who the next owner. North Texas deserves better. Let’s just hope the new owner can keep Nolan Ryan to run the baseball operations in Arlington.

The Dallas Mavericks? They are still making serious mistakes in the community. All kinds of things going wrong here.

So all-in-all, nothing much to look forward here in north Texas. Maybe we can have something to look forward to on New Year’s Day with the Texas Longhorns. Oh wait, they have to play Alabama. Doesn’t seem like anything is right here now.


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