If Wade was on the hotseat before, he’s on the open flame now…

Let me begin by saying I like Wade. He’s a Texan, he’s a good guy. He’s just not the guy to lead the Dallas Cowboys as the head coach. That isn’t his fault. Really and truly the culprit here is Jerry Jones. Why? Because even though Jerry would do anything to put a Super Bowl team together, his hands-on approach of being on the side lines, the sock and jocks approach actually keeps him from succeeding at something he wants more than anything. Wade is considered a “puppet coach”.

Perception about a situation is so stark. So telling.

No offense, but Wade is old. He’s not a physical specimen. His teams get beat. Is he a great defensive coordinator? You betcha. His defense has kept the Cowboys in a lot of games this year. Is he the guy his players respect as a coach? No. While his players love him, the players are like the fans, we don’t see a “killer instinct” with Wade.

Why am I dwelling on Wade? Because it the method Jerry chooses to fail in December. Bottom line? The Cowboys aren’t that good. Aren’t that good compared to the new NFC East leaders Eagles. Not as good as the New York Giants that have beaten the Boys twice this year.

I’m tired of Wade explaining it all away and end up saying “we have to work on it this week to be better next week.” Let’s just face it, and use the old cliché it is what it is.

I’m not saying the Boys aren’t trying, I’m just saying the talent level isn’t as good as other teams. How do you not score from the 1 yard line?

Now, we have to see the Eagles and their smug  fans bypass the Cowboys and we have to play the Eagles again for the last game of the season for a must win. Does this sound familiar to last year?

I get tired-head trying to figure out the December thing with the Cowboys. Tired of hearing Wade explain away why this team is mediocre. Tired of hearing how fancy Cowboys Stadium is when a good college team could beat the Dallas Cowboys by stuffing the box.

It’s a sad day whenever I look forward to baseball and have to be satisfied with thinking about Ranger’s opening day.


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