Who dat beat dem Saints? Dem Cowboys are!

I’m sure everyone in the free world knows by now how the Cowboys managed to make their season by beating the Saints last night. It was a fun game to watch as a Cowboy’s fan for a change. But having lived in Louisiana for a time in my life and even attending college there, I like that team too. So for me, even though the Cowboys needed this win more than the Saints, I was kind of amazed at the general take on the Saints’ season by the general populace.

From Deadspin: No, I think my hatred crystallized during the run-up to the Cowboys game, when people started calling New Orleans “America’s Team.” They’re not. Just stop it. Don’t tell me who to root for. Most fans are fail vampires, feeding off the misery of other fanbases. And when an out-of-nowhere team like the Saints, with their flashy offense but glaring holes, goes down just a few games from history, and their fans and media start with the hand-wringing over their .929 winning percentage? Well, that just nourishes us.


And I saw this quote from Saints QB Drew Brees talks about going undefeated this season:

“We feel like we deserved it and the whole city deserved it and we wanted to make it happen,” Brees said. “That’s probably the most disappointing thing about it.”

Wow again.

And one last quote from Cowboys coach Wade Phillips:

“I said all along this team has a lot of heart, a lot of character and a lot of leaders,” Phillips said. “I didn’t think this team could get beat three times in a row.”

First of all, this is the NFL. As in life, nothing is guaranteed as far as success is concerned. It’s a game for crying out loud. And how can you hate the Saints? The team that used to have fans attend games with sacks over their heads because they were so embarrassed to be fans of such a franchise?

And Wade? Let me assure you that you can lose three games in a row. Just ask the Saints.

I liked this game obviously, but the Cowboys won a game against a team that was ripe for the picking. That in no way means they have won a super bowl yet. And Saints fans can rest assured they probably have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but even that isn’t a measure of success. Just ask the Cowboys.

And here’s for all of you Arlo Guthrie fans.


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