Santa Clause is really a scary dude

Kids are pretty smart. They can tell when someone like Santa Clause is a really bad dude. Check out these photos to see these poor kids trying to be forced to be happy. Just disgusting.

I mean, you would think Santa could take a hint and see the kids don’t want to be around this old guy, but no..I guess he thinks his old self can somehow make the kids change their mind?

I mean, can’t Santa see what he’s doing to these poor kids? You would think he’s getting paid to wreak such havoc,

Poor kids.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully, there won’t be any long-term trauma to these kids after visiting Santa. And don’t worry Santa, I know you are trying to do good. Sometimes people just don’t understand you. I can relate to that. Merry Christmas all!


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