Uh oh, looks like Zorn is the 1st casualty of the finished season

It doesn’t take long for teams to start firing coaches once the regular season ends in the NFL.

According to Adam Schefter at ESPN, the Washington Redskins are just about to fire Jim Zorn. What kind of struck me as odd about this story is, they may fire Zorn on the way home from San Diego today on the flight from San Diego.

Washington closes out its season at San Diego, and it’s possible that Allen could fire Zorn on the long plane ride home. But it is more likely that Zorn will be dismissed Monday, once the team is back and settled in Washington. Either way, Zorn is expected to be the first head coach fired in what always is one of the most tumultuous times of the year in the NFL

Wow. I guess if the Redskins happen to win, they will wait until the plane lands.

Don’t ever get Dan Snyder mad at you!

Sources: Redskins to fire Zorn (ESPN)


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