A New Week, An Old Foe

I am still enjoying the victory by the Cowboys over the Eagles yesterday.  I always like reading the newspaper of the city the Cowboys beat, like the Philadelphia Inquirer. This was pretty funny to me.

There were hints that Reid, McDermott, and Marty Mornhinweg held back in game-planning. The Eagles did not blitz Dallas quarterback Tony Romo the way they needed to. Was that because they thought this was the best approach, or because they didn’t want to show all their cards?

“I’d rather not get into what the game plan was, because we have to play them again next week,” McDermott said. “You do have to look at the big picture. . . . There was a chance we could face this team again.”

You’re kidding me right? Are you serious? What team wouldn’t want to win this game yesterday? Are you saying that the Eagles didn’t play like there’s no tomorrow? At what point in the football season do you get serious about it?

And then this:

This coach, as everyone knows, almost never compromises. Injuries, youth, big stage, doesn’t matter: You run the plays and expect the players to perform. But now you wonder. Everything has to be on the table after this kind of embarrassment. Michael Vick has to be on the table in a big way. More running, and shortening the game, has to be on the table. More blitzing by the defense had better be on the table. Protecting McNabb at all costs has to be on the table, because he is going to have to be excellent for them to have a chance.

It might very well be too much. The Cowboys have found a way to limit the deep balls and force the Eagles to try to walk it up the field in smaller bites, which is not their strength. The Cowboys also have now eviscerated this Eagles defense. It is not a good picture.

Still, it is what Reid has. He misread his team this week, as focus deserted them in a big spot. Again, that’s on him. Now, starting today, there will be a locker room full of people looking at him to provide an answer, desperate for a new plan. But how can he convince them, after this?

It sure feels good to be in a position to win the game like the Cowboys did, and not have to worry if you played your best game or not. I know the Eagles will try to change some tactics, but I like how the Cowboys shoot down that kind of plays-in-the dirt kind of planning on the run.

Rich Hofmann: Reid dropped ball for Eagles, but can he recover?  (Philly.com)



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