You know it’s bad when…

You know it’s a bad day when it’s 4th down and you are on the Viking 40 and you go for the field goal instead of going for it because you didn’t know it was only a yard to make the first down? So was the coach’s thinking after the game.

And didn’t the Cowboys play a team 3 times this year that is known for blitzing and stop them with decent play calling and won? What happened to that game plan of short screens and draws?

And didn’t the Cowboys sound like sissys for complaining that the Vikes ran the score up? Lemme tell you the rules from grade school Cowboys. If you don’t want the score driven up, grow a pair of peaches and stop them!!! So not only did the Cowboys get out coached, we just got beat, man for man. And then we have the gall to cry about it? Please.

And Jerry couldn’t hold the news that he extended Wade’s contract till next week? He had to say that yesterday? Like Wade has something else to do next week? Just crazy.


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