It was the best of times, and the worst of times

I’ve always been amazed at someone bowling a perfect game  and scoring 300. I’ve been in bowling leagues at times, and have always been self-impressed with my lousy 150 average. So to me, if I ever saw a 300 game I would be pretty impressed.

I can’t imagine someone bowling a perfect 900 for 3 games.

Bill Fong almost did just that. Fong got up to make his last shot after rolling 35 perfect strikes and left 1 pin to finish with a 899 series. Wow.

“Everybody is happy,” said Fong, “but I am not. I didn’t achieve what I wanted. I wanted 900.”

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, the 46-year-old barbershop owner called it the best and worst day of his life.

Late Monday, Fong suffered severe dizziness and nausea, symptoms of vertigo, an affliction he has never had. He believes it was caused by adrenaline.

“How could one of the best things happen to me, and all of a sudden I am in the bathroom thinking I am going to die?” Fong said, his eyes squinting as if a spotlight was being shined in his face. “I thought I was having a mini-stroke.”

I’m not sure about Fong or anyone else, but I could have pretty darn satisfied with an 899 series. Which I guess is why I’ll never ever see anything close to that.

Plano bowler falls one pin short of perfect 900 series (DMN)


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