NFL Championship Weekend

The NFL season is now down to four teams and the champions of the NFC and AFC will be crowned in what promises to be some great games this weekend.

In the NFC game, I like the Saints’ chances this week. I feel that as much as the home field advantage helped the Vikings in their blowout win against Dallas, the same home field advantage works in the Saints’ favor. I just feel like it’s the Saints’ destiny to win the Super Bowl this year.

In the AFC game, I know the experts are predicting the Colts to win, but I like the feel of the Jets’ chances in this one. I just have a gut feeling the Jets come through in an upset. I also believe the Colts are still going to pay for resting their players at the end of the regular season.

And since we are talking the NFL, Chan Gailey gets the head coaching gig in Buffalo, and according to Pro Football Talk, Dan Reeves may be joining Gailey.


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