Sean Salisbury will sue you if you make fun of him

I’m not sure if you are aware of the continuing saga of one Sean Salisbury, and I’m not sure how much kick in the crotch one man can take and live to tell about it.

“I was ashamed, and I didn’t want to say anything,” says Salisbury, who was an NFL quarterback for eight years and an ESPN NFL analyst for 12. “I thought it would go away and let my ego get in the way. Since then, I’ve beat myself up about it more than 10 baseball bats could. A stupid mistake can cost you, and this has really cost me. I should have had this conversation a long time ago.” But what Salisbury, 46, is admitting simply substantiates what’s already an urban legend on the Internet: that he took cellphone photos of his private parts and showed them.

Here is a man that had it all professionally speaking. He was on ESPN as a reporter, and was probably making more money than you and I do for a year’s worth of work at the call center for sure.

Speculation over the incident has popped up on various websites. Salisbury has filed suit against one — — claiming he has been victimized by its “long-running smear campaign” and “malicious lies.” (Deadspin declined comment.)

That’s kind of funny to me..Deadspin had a chance to comment about it, but didn’t?  I guess there are some things Deadspin won’t say after all.

Sean Salisbury aims to move on after admission (USA Today)




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