The Leach-Texas Tech story takes a turn for the bizarre

I don’t understand a lot of things in life, I’ll admit that. But I have a serious problem when two different stories that are taking the same path have entirely different results. Follow along with me.

1) Texas Tech Wants Lawsuit Thrown Out ESPN is reporting that Texas Tech is wanting the suit against them thrown out from ex-coach Mike Leach claiming that “state law gives the university immunity from legal action.” 

The university contended Leach is barred from suing the university without a waiver of sovereign immunity from the Texas Legislature.


You mean a state university in Texas is immune from wrongful termination? Just asking.

And then this:

2) James threatened to sue over Leach Both reports appeared on ESPN today. This particular story says :

The father of injured Texas Tech receiver Adam James threatened to sue the university if it didn’t investigate then-coach Mike Leach, according to a memo released Wednesday.

Texas Tech University System attorney Ronny Wall wrote in the Tuesday memo to the Texas attorney general that the threat came during a Dec. 20 exchange with James’ father, ESPN sports analyst Craig James. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal obtained a copy of the memo in response to an open records request.

“The threat did not appear to be an idle threat as the parent expressed genuine concern for the health and well-being of his injured child, as well as other student-athletes,” the memo continued.

James spokesman Scott McLaughlin issued a statement late Wednesday saying James never threatened to sue Texas Tech.

“Further, Texas Tech initiated its investigation of its own accord,” he said.

I’m confused. On one hand Texas Tech appears to fire Leach for fear of being sued by James, and then when Leach trys to sue, Tech trys to hide behind the fact that they are a state university? Doesn’t this look like a conspiracy against Leach? Seriously. Doesn’t it? Wow, talk about different strokes for different people. I didn’t think law was supposed to work that way.

James threatened to sue over Leach (ESPN)

Texas Tech wants lawsuit thrown out (ESPN)


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