Who Dat says the Who Dat Term is Copyrighted?

Probably one of the most bizarre cases of alledged copyright infringement is the case of who owns the term “Who Dat?”

Some T-shirt makers are asking that question after they were hit with cease-and-desist letters from the NFL demanding that they stop selling shirts with the traditional cheer of New Orleans Saints fans.

The National Football League says the shirts infringe on a legal trademark it owns. Separately, two brothers and longtime Saints fans claim they own the phrase, which was around before the long-downtrodden team’s inception in 1966.

The league said Friday it’s not trying to exclude all uses of Who Dat and the fleur-de-lis logo — just when either is used in combination with other Saints trademarks, like their fleur-de-lis logo and uniform designs.

I hope the NFL says it’s OK if I report this story without paying them a fee. Sheesh!

Meanwhile, take a look at this video I dug up. And Geaux Saints!!

NFL claims trademark infringement (PFT)


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