When it snows in Texas, it’s a pretty big deal

Uh oh, don’t look now, but it’s gonna be pretty bad weather-wise here in north Texas tomorrow. A big chance we will see a couple of inches of snow. That may not seem like much compared to a couple of feet of snow in Philly, but to us Texans, it’s a pretty big deal.

As most of the country knows, we can’t drive on the stuff. We may be pretty good at football, but snow? Forget about it. Why is that? The reason we can’t drive on snow worth a darn is because we are used to driving 55 MPH in school zones. We have lots of ground to cover so we are always speeding. You can’t (or aren’t supposed to) drive 85 in snow.

We Texans think when it snows that it’s an automatic day off from work and school. No wonder yankees laugh at us. It’s pretty rare when it snows here so when we do get snow, it’s like a state holiday.

Oh well. The Saints won the Super Bowl, and Fat Tuesday is next Tuesday. Maybe it will warm up by then.


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