The Write of Passage

Today marks an important day on your yearly calendars. Spring training gets started in baseball and for the Texas Rangers, all pitchers and catchers have to report to spring training in Surprise Arizona today.

Yes, this makes it official. Spring is on the way, and it renews my interest in writing again. Since we last wrote something, the Saints have won the Super Bowl (as I predicted they would [smile]), Daytona has been run, and the Winter Olympics have started. Where have I been? Having a tremndous amount of writer’s cramp. I know, the best way to beat writer’s cramp is to just sit down and start writing, but I couldn’t think of anything to just sit down and write about. But I digress.

This seems like the longest winter ever, but with the announcement of baseball’s spring training, it hit me like a gigantic clock, it’s time to start writing again. Time to think about going to Ranger games, and Airhogs games, and time to start planing to be outside again!! Heck, I’m even on board with going to see my college team play!

Baseball. Oh, they most certainly will come Ray. It’s baseball that’s stood the test of time. And I can’t wait to write about it and everything else that is baseball.


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