Ron Washington doesn’t mind doing Coke

Great way to start a season: Have your manager admit he used cocaine last year.

As if the Texas Rangers don’t have enough problems.

Yeah, yeah, the Rangers organization say they will stand behind Washington, but the truth is new owners Nolan Ryan and company must be scrambling to right the ship after this news.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington admitted on Wednesday that he used an illegal drug in the first-half of last season and tested positive for a random drug test.

Washington did not reveal the type of drug, saying the circumstances aren’t important. Sources, though, said he took cocaine.

He completed a major-league mandated treatment program — which included counseling and giving submitting to urine tests three times a week — only two weeks ago.

The Rangers are satisfied that this was a one-time incident because of the honesty he displayed after the drug use, and that Washington did not have a drug habit.

“I fully understand that I disappointed a lot of people — my family, my players, coaches — as well as the team’s leadership, especially Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels, as well as young people who may have looked up to me,” Washington said.

Oh boy, this ought to be a doozy of a year. It just puts even more pressure on the Rangers to perform. Let’s hope they don’t BLOW it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Texas Rangers’ Ron Washington used cocaine last season (DMN)


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