Cinderella? More like Britny Fox, amirite?

From Out of Bounds

Yeah, no one gets that headline, do they? More on that later.

In any event, No. 10 seed St. Mary’s magical run through the NCAA tournament came to an abrupt, punched-in-the-man-parts ending last night courtesy of a 72-49 butt-whooping at the hands of No. 3 seed Baylor. And despite the 28 point scoring differential, it wasn’t even that close.

In fact, it was downright ugly, a bloodbath. The manner in which the Bears dispatched the Gaels was frighteningly efficient and downright clinical. It was so bad you almost didn’t want to watch, but couldn’t turn away from the specatcle. The carnage was just too…enthralling. Let’s put it this way, when the halftime score is 46-17, it almost makes one wish there was a such a thing as the mercy rule in college basketball.

For Baylor, it brings them one step closer to the Final Four, an achievement the college has not realized since 1950.

For St. Mary’s, head coach Randy Bennett preferred to take a philosophical approach about the beating:

“Bottom line, when it was all said and done, I was proud of what we did this year. I told them they we stunk tonight. … Nobody wanted it to go that way but it went that way.”

It certainly did not help the Gaels that budding superstar/funnyman Omar Samhan could not get anything going against the longer, more athletic players Baylor ran at him. Samhan did not score his first bucket until there was 10:03 left in the first half and the game already getting well out of hand.

Nevertheless, as is the case any time a higher seed gets unceremoniously ousted on the cusp of becoming the next George Mason, this one is even more disappointing simply because of the presence of the aforementioned Samhan, who not only raised his profile relating to his considerable talents on the basketball court – he scored 61 points in St. Mary’s first two games – but for also injecting some much-needed humor and perhaps even some naiive, playful cockiness which helped lighten the tension normally present during tourney time.

Sadly, I do not forsee any more romantic missives to pop country superstars for the remainder of the tournament.

And that’s too bad.

Note: Britny Fox was a 1980s hair band that might as well have been a Cinderella cover band (another ’80s hair band) for how much they imitated their style. Happy now? Because I’m not. I actually owned a Cinderella tape (yes, a cassette tape) way back when. I guess you could say as far as St. Mary’s is concerned, “You Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”.But I guess that would be pretty lame. Yet I went with it, didn’t I?


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