Happy Easter, 2010

My friend Kristi and I were out riding around last night, enjoying the nice weather and warmth of spring. We drove out to Joe Pool Lake and it was just about night time and I was able to take the above picture with my cell phone. There were lots of folks out at the lake and the smell of camp fires was so sweet to smell. It felt really good to just get out and ride around without the rush of traffic.

I have a stress test scheduled for 4/20, but I may go to the doctor’s office tomorrow to get some blood work done and to see if we can schedule the stress test sooner, as I am having a lot of discomfort, so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

Today is Easter Sunday. I didn’t go to church because I didn’t feel good. I ask the Lord to forgive me, but he already knows I don’t feel well. I still ask for his forgiveness though. I thank him for dying for all of mankind’s sins.

Kristi and I were out and about for awhile today, and we were trying to impress each other with what are we going to eat once I get another stent in and the cardiologist clears some more plaque out of my arteries. I was thinking a home made hamburger sounded good. Kristi thought an Outback T-bone steak sounded great as well. Both of our diets have suffered sine I have been really watching my diet and not eating anything with a lot of fat or salt in it. About the biggest thing on our menu now is baked chicken breast and rice. I’ll usually have Boston Baked Beans just to fill me up, and that’s the extent of my big meals. Every so often. I’ll make spaghetti with turkey meat in the meat sauce, but that’s about it. Pretty boring no?

Then I get to thinking, even after my planned surgery, maybe I should just keep eating the rice so I don’t have to go get the plaque cleaned out again right? Sometimes, life is complicated right?


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