Gee, is it Monday already?

I had a blast this weekend, I could have used a few more days off with this great weather we are getting.

The Cowboys had a pretty good draft weekend, the Rangers came back home to some home cooking and took 2 of 3 from the Tigers and finishing up the four game sries tonight. The Mavericks? Eh, maybe next year as usual.

I read this story from my friend Rick Chandler’s blog this morning and it cracked me up. Seriously, how could someone be this stupid?

It occurs to me that Twitter has become somewhat of an ersatz lie detector test; a lot of our thoughts travel unabated from out brain to our thumbs and out into the atmosphere, before we even realize it. “Where u at?” “I’m so happy rite now”. “Congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio”. Oops. Mike Bacsik is a former journeyman pitcher, somewhat famous only because he gave up Barry Bonds’ 756th homer in 2007, which broke Hank Aaron’s all-time record. He’s currently the producer on The Ticket 1310 radio in Dallas for Norm Hitzges, and occasionally shows up on the air. Moments after the Dallas Mavericks were beaten by the San Antonio Spurs in Game 4 of their playoff series on Sunday, Bacsik favored his followers with this tweet. Then realizing what he’d done, he deleted it — plus a bunch of others — but it was too late. This was forwarded to me by Sports Grind Entertainment, one of many I’m sure who have immortalized the tweet in screen grab form.

Someone has already altered his Wikipedia page, and not in a good way (see Early Years. UPDATE: Someone has removed the line “he’s a racist.”). Fun fact: Bacsik’s father, Michael James Bacsik, was also a major league pitcher, and faced Aaron twice after he had hit his 755th homer. But Bacsik gave up a single and got a fly out. It would be up to his son to give someone No. 756.

That’s too funny!

We are getting some interest in the new Facebook site, Starving Writers. If you know of anyone that fancys themselves as a poet, or writer, or any type of multi-media type artist, send em over. Have a great day and we’ll see ya.

UPDATE::::::: See? You always reap what ya sow!!


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