One of life’s little (huge) pleasures

I know this going to sound somewhat backwards to the youngsters in the house, but to this old baby boomer, the Apple iPod Nano 5th generation is one of the neatest, coolest, awsomest piece of technology I have ever seen. Is awesomest a word?

I just became the proud owner of this product and it’s like gaining a new pet, without having to worry about house breaking the iPod. I mean, I love this thing. I can’t imagine not going anywhere without it! Check out these features of this amazing piece of technology.

1) Obviously, you know you can purchase music from Apple and load it on the Nano for .99 per song.

2) It also has a cool video camera where I can take videos now!

3) Surprisingly, it also contains an FM radio (earphones must be in for this feature to work.) And by the way, you can digitally tune it to your favorite channel.

4) You can record notes to yourself, it has an alarm, it has lots and lots of things to help you through your day. This little piece of dynamite can do sooooo much for so little. And all for a little more than $100.00. Where have I been?? I just bought a case for it so I can wear it on my belt, or put it on a deal to put on my arm which will be neat when I start working out.

And don’t ask me how it does it, but I have been listening to some classic rock on the radio, and I can go back and play some songs I heard 30 minutes ago. It SAVES them! Wow. You all probably know all of this. You all probably have one of these, so I’m probably not shedding any light on your world but if in case you don’t have one of these jewels, you have got to get one!

P.S. did I mention it downloads podcasts? Yeah, I’m able to hear my pastor’s sermon on the podcasts!


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