Spurs fans embrace ‘Dirty Mexicans’ controversy with snazzy shirt

From  Out of Bounds

Of course we recall the latest Twitter fiasco that got someone fired … former MLB pitcher and radio executive Mike Bacsik, whose unfortunate reference to “dirty mexicans” got him canned from Dallas radio station KTCK. But in a somewhat surprising development, San Antonio residents of Mexican descent have taken the controversy and stood it on its ear, in amusing garment form.

Under a tent near General McMullen and Highway 90, a vendor is selling black shirts with the words, “Dirty Mexican.” Above the “D” is a little sombrero. In the middle is the Spurs logo.

“Everybody likes it, man,” Javier Garcia says. “Everybody loves it. Everybody’s wearing it. It’s been selling out like crazy.”

Garcia told News Radio 1200 WOAI, the phrase has become a rallying cry, and indeed a point of pride, in the Hispanic community.

“You can call us a dirty Mexican, you can call us clean, you can call us whatever you want,” Garcia said. “We’re still going to the next round.”

That can be a metaphor for other things, by the way. Catch our drift, Arizona?

Of course, Garcia may soon have to answer to a higher authority than state government, or even God. His shirts are not officially licensed by the NBA. David Stern: “Subject spotted near General McMullen and Highway 90. Swarm! Swarm!”


“Dirty Mexican” Spurs t-shirts now for sale (WOAI)


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