Roughin it, sorta

Saturday May 8, 2010

Cedar Hill State Park

What a night! Thanks to my friend Ben, I borrowed his large tent made by Ozark Trail and it is huge! Probably 15X20 and plenty of room. The nice thing about the tent is it has a screened in top so I looked up at the stars last night before falling into a deep restful sleep in my sleeping bag.

Kristi and I got here yesterday about 6:00 pm and got all set up. When we first got here, a bright red cardinal greeted us to the campsite. It was awesome, especially since this is Mother’s Day weekend!

We threw on a couple of steaks on the open grill and it was plenty good and hearty. We relaxed by the fire before turning in. I kept the Colman lantern burning all night so we could see if we had to get up during the night.

It got down to about 60 and it was chilly, but the sleeping bags kept us warm and cozy all night. We got up this morning and went in to Cedar Hill and had coffee at Starbucks and went by Wal-Mart to get Kristi a long sleeve hoodie to wear in the chilly morning.

I’m still amazed at how technology is everywhere and how I know the Rangers won last night just by checking my phone with internet access. Amazing how I can blog from within my tent with no problems at all. I remember how hard it used to be getting on-line with a dial-up connection when I first started using the internet a mere 10 years ago.

It’s going to be a lazy day today. I had thought about renting a jet ski, but I’m more in the mood of just hanging out and being lazy. I’m more in the mood of taking pictures of the sights and chilling more than anything else. I’m loving it out here. Maybe rent a pontoon later?

Be back later, my cot is calling me for a nap.

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