Why are there so many Cubs fans?

So I went to a Rangers game last night and the Chicago Cubs were in town for a 3 game series at the Ballpark in Arlington. This series was getting lots of publicity, a la New York Yankees and I wondered why. I mean, we’re talking the Cubbies right? I wondered what the attraction is/was. Probably the most hard luck sports franchise (besides the Rangers) that has ever put on a baseball uniform. I couldn’t wait to get out t the ballpark to find out what the attraction was.

Ahhhh, now I see. Local fans that are distant Cubs fans maybe? See, I guess I’m sort of old-school. I mean come on, which team do you really support? Can sports fans be fans of multiple teams? I guess it’s possible.

So anyway, I took some additional video of the great night at the ball park. The Rangers won 2-1 by the way, and that made it extra nice.

That hot dog was finger-licking good! As you may or may not know, I’ve been on a limited diet for almost a year, and I’ve finally gotten to where I can eat again. I kind of need to watch it though.

It was a great night of baseball. I love it!

I really hope the Rangers get sold to Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg soon, we Rangers fans deserve a chance at some great baseball.

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