Happy Birthday Tex Schramm

Happy Birthday to Tex Schramm 6/2/1920 – 7/15/2003

Tex Schramm was the General Manager for the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1988. During that span, Tex was intricate to many ideas in the NFL that are still used today.

Here is the list of accomplishments:

• Coordinated the merger of the established NFL and the American Football League in 1966
• Created the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

• Brought the NFL to the nation on Thanksgiving Day
• Spearheading the involvement of instant replay in the officiating of the game
• Gave the head referee a microphone for penalty announcements
• Shortened the play-clock
• Helped to develop a six-division wild-card playoff system
• Originated the idea of using a sports anchorman for major athletic events on television
• Built the NFL’s first bona fide scouting system
• Moved the official game time to the clock on the scoreboard
• Moved hash marks toward the middle of the field to open the field up more for offenses
• Developed the sudden-death overtime concept for breaking ties
• Implemented the in-the-grasp rule to protect quarterbacks
• Enabled quarterbacks to stop the clock by throwing the ball directly into the ground
• Made defensive linemen’s head slaps illegal
• Developed the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor
• Gave Pete Rozelle his first NFL job as Los Angeles Rams’ public relations director
• Chaired the NFL Competition Committee from 1966 to 1988
• Named NFL Executive of the Year by The Sporting News in 1977
• Received the Bert Bell award for outstanding executive leadership in the NFL in 1978
• Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on January 26, 1991, and formally enshrined on July 27th of that year

Happy Birthday Tex, we miss you.

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