He said, he said

Have you ever been in a situation where you said something and were throttled down by a supervisor at work, or a teacher or professor, or just someone who may have some authority somewhere on this planet? It’s frustrating isn’t it? And what if you were, you know, just exercising your right to vent, and someone thought you were popping off at them? Really frustrating! Imagine Roy Oswalt then:

Astros ace Roy Oswalt didn’t win Monday’s game, but he apparently has won a fight with umpire Bill Hohn.

Bob Watson, the Major League Baseball vice president in charge of discipline, rules and on-field operations, told Houston television station KRIV that Oswalt will not be penalized further for being ejected from Monday’s game against the Nationals and that umpire Bill Hohn will be addressed “in a very stern way.”

Hmmmm, what a story of making someone shut up.

Oswalt was ejected in the third inning of a 14-4 loss at Minute Maid Park when his 2-2 pitch to Nationals left fielder Josh Willingham was called a ball and the pitcher looked toward the first base line and yelled something.

Hohn removed his mask and barked at Oswalt, who then said, “I ain’t talking to you.” Hohn then ejected him

“I have never seen that before,” Oswalt told reporters. “I was actually upset that I threw a ball that ended up a little bit off the plate. I was actually talking to myself on the mound and I wasn’t even looking his way.

I hope Mr. Hohn gets ejected as an umpire.

MLB sides with Roy Oswalt over umpire ejection (USA Today)

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