The Big Lead = the big money

Proof positive that if you stick with something, good things can happen. The sports blog that is The Big Lead, was recently bought for tons of money.

The Big Lead, an independent blog that Jason McIntyre began as a hobby, is fixated on sports media, news and gossip. Along the way, it has built a devoted, if not huge, social media following.

Now, a buyer has established a value for the blog by acquiring it for a figure in the low seven figures.

The buyer, Chris Russo, chief executive of Fantasy Sports Ventures, a network of 600 sports sites, said: “You can’t out-ESPN ESPN, but you can take a different approach. Jason covers general sports and celebrity with an in-depth focus on sports media. Through good journalism and good luck, The Big Lead has succeeded.”

Wow. Jason McIntyre, the writer of the blog, is about to become a very rich man.

When McIntyre began his site in 2006, he was still an editor at US Weekly. “I really didn’t know what I was doing,” he said. He wrote it anonymously until his identity was revealed by Sports Illustrated (which later named it one of the five most influential sports blogs of the decade).

Congrats to Jason, and I wonder if he will be looking for any other writers?

Blog that found a market for sports news is purchased (WSJ)

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