A Persuasive Idea to Volunteer For

I’ll be honest here when I say there is an organization that I want to devote some time and resources to because I feel like it’s the thing to do. I feel compelled to help this organization, and it’s also one of the places that my employment sends volunteers to help with. I’m kind of babbling here, let me let this video explain it:

Wow. If that doesn’t move you, I don’t know what can.  I’m very proud of my company for taking a large role in helping the North Texas Food Bank. I would like to think we are doing some good, and that progress is being made, and then I read something like this.

Maybe what gets me about this organization is, I remember as a kid needing help just like this. I remember how difficult it was to ask for food, and keep my pride. I still remember exactly how that feels.

If you are looking for a way to do some good, and helping people, contact the North Texas Food Bank. I’m sure they would appreciate your call.

Michael Nye’s About Hunger & Resilience Photo/Audio Exhibit
June 5 – 29

For the past four years, artist Michael Nye has been researching and capturing stories of hunger around the country. Visit the Janette Kennedy Gallery in South Side on Lamar (1409 South Lamar Street, Dallas) this June to view Nye’s collection of what hunger is and how it seeps into the lives of those around us. With captivating photos accompanied by heart wrenching audio interviews, Nye’s work is an educational and emotional experience not to be missed. Click here to listen to a clip of Nye’s exhibit featured on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered on March 30th.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. or the lobby staff can open the gallery for guests during off-hours.
Top 6 Reasons to Check Out Michael Nye’s About Hunger & Resilience Exhibit:

  1. Need somewhere to take the kids this summer? Make Nye’s exhibit a family event!
  2. View the work of an internationally renowned artist… for FREE!
  3. Get out of the office! Experience hunger through a company workshop or social event at the gallery.
  4. Walk in hunger’s shoes; view the exhibit and discuss over a simple home-cooked meal instead of dining out.
  5. Put a twist on your weekly Happy Hour! Discuss hunger with fellow exhibit-goers at a nearby hot spot.Learn more about hunger and be an advocate for North Texans in need!

Do any of these things without spending a dime; the exhibit is FREE to the public!

Add a twist to your corporate meeting or social gathering during the month of June and host it at the gallery! Set aside some time for a learning moment and let us share the story of hunger in North Texas. For more information to schedule your event or meeting, contact Kristen Sweat at kristen@ntfb.org or 214.270.2021.

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