Rain in July in Texas? And baseball is bigger than all of us

Friday night game rained out. Double-header tomorrow beginning at 4:00 PM at Quick Trip Park in Grand Prairie.

This has been a busy week for me anyways. I finished my semester at school and now I’m looking for some down-time.

As we begin the 4th of July holiday weekend, it finally gives me a chance to sit down and update you on some eventful news that happened with the Grand Prairie AirHogs this week. A few personnel changes occurred.

Signed OF Nook Logan. He used to play with the Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals.

Released OF Chad Gabriel, which was a shocker to me.

The thing I want to stress here is, like it or not, players come and go in the baseball business. And that’s just it. Above all the fan loyalty, and above all the player loyalty…it’s still a business. I wish players like Chad Gabriel much success. I’ll still be a Chad Gabriel fan wherever he lands. It just didn’t work out here ultimately.

Frankly, I’m kind of amazed at the minor league mentality. I know players have a love for the game, I get that. But how does a player go from the Detroit Tigers to the Grand Prairie AirHogs and handle the mental adjustment? I mean no disrespect to the AirHogs, but there is a difference between the minors and the big show right? Well, as I continue to rub elbows with the baseball players and front office folks in Grand Prairie, maybe one day I’ll find the answer to that.

Speaking of which, it’s great to see a positive attitude emerging on the team. (Not that there was a negative attitude) It looks like it’s going to be a fun 2nd half of the season.

I have to mention a funny story here. As I mentioned, the game Friday night was rained out. But before the game was called, I was standing around the field to try and find out if the game was going to be played. I was walking towards the locker room area and I noticed AirHos coach Pete Incaviglia and legendary 1st base coach Wayne Terwilliger talking to a man and woman at the top of the steps.

I sort of bent my ear towards them to see what they were talking about. Inky was introducing Terilliger with a lot of pride saying “Wayne was my first coach in the big leagues.”

As the conversation ended and everyone sort of went their own way, Coach Terwilliger hung out by the fence looking out over the field and watching the rain. I walked up to him and said, “I never knew you were Inky’s first coach,” and as quick as a Fort Worth Cat could strike out Coach Terwilliger said to me “there’s probably a lot you don’t know.” I really cracked up over that one. That was funny, and a measure of revenge for someone wearing an AirHogs shirt could take. Coach Terwilliger is pretty cool though. After doing a little research the guy has been around a ton, and he is the kind of man that just deserves and demands respect. By the way, did you know “Twig” has his own website and has even written a book?

I don’t think I have to tell you how historic Twig is..just Google him and you will find he had a locker beside Kirby Puckett for nine years. That should tell you something about him.

Aaaahhh, baseball. You can get lost in the luxury of the game. The details, the stats. It’s not only a skillful game played by great athletes, it’s a thinking man’s game as well. That’s what I like about the game. You have to be able to think on your feet. And you have to be able to give back, especially to kids.

So the bottom line is this. While there are many problems around, I am thankful to be able to survive a heart attack, I am able to work and make a living, and I am still able to go out to the ball park and watch baseball. Life is very good.

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