Is it possible? Could I actually write a book?

So I’m taking a personal day off from work today, and as I sit here updating my page for the Heart Walk coming in September, I just realized I should write a book. Now I say this not to brag about assumed style of writing, but I say this to say I might have some hints on how to get through to surviving a heart attack.

I mean, there are books about how to raise daffodils, how to make moon pies, all kinds of how to books. I just think I might have some pearls of wisdom on how to navigate the after effects of having a heart attack. I don’t claim to be an expert, but thank God I’m still alive.

Even though I am almost 59 years old and have survived a heart attack, I still feel 39. I still feel like I’m pretty active for an old codger. I attend a lot of baseball games, still go to work every day. I am very thankful a heart attack hasn’t stopped me, and it doesn’t have to stop you either.

It occurs to me that this here blog has many things that I have written before, during, and after my heart attack two years ago. So yeah, even though no one comments much about my stories here on my blog, I still believe I have some things to say in an entertaining, educated way. Things that can be put to good use in a somewhat entertaining manner. So we’ll see.


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