It’s Emmitt’s turn at greatness

Hello Hall of Fame for Emmitt Smith!

A very special time for a special player, on a special team. As the Dallas Cowboys embark on their 50th season in the NFL, the running back with the most yards in NFL history will be going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It seems like yesterday that Emmitt Smith showed up in Dallas one day looking like this:

And then, like it was only moments, I remember Emmitt Smitth in this pose:

Man oh man, where did the time go?

Join me now, as we watch some of the best Emmitt Smith runs..

I get choked up just watching some of these videos again. Man… what a treat it was to be able to watch Emmitt Smith run the ball.

Congrats Emmitt. You rock sir!

And remember when he broke THE record?

And then, the day always comes when you retire. It was tough watching him do it.

Thanks Emmitt. You gave us fans so much. Thanks so much for your days as a Dallas Cowboy.

Part II


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