Minor League team holds Albert Haynesworth Conditioning Challange

From Out of Bounds


At this point, Albert Haynesworth’s failed conditioning test has become a slice of American folklore; like John Henry and his hammer, Paul Bunyan and his axe, Brett Favre and his penis. So it’s no wonder that the country is celebrating the Redskin lineman’s “runtime error.” Recently a restaurant owner offered free ice cream if the lineman finally passed the test (so far, he hasn’t). Now, a minor league baseball team has taken it a step further. On Aug. 14, the Hickory Crawdads (Single-A South Atlantic League, Texas Rangers) will give free season tickets to any of their fans who pass the Redskins’ conditioning test. They’re calling it the Haynesworth Conditioning Challenge.

From the Crawdad’s site:

Since Washington Redskins lineman Albert Haynesworth didn’t even attempt his fitness test on Thursday, the Crawdads have re-scheduled the Haynesworth Conditioning Challenge for after the game against the Charleston RiverDogs on Thursday, Aug. 12 at 7 p.m.

All participants will have to complete the same conditioning test that Haynesworth has failed multiple times, which is as follows:

1. Twelve consecutive 25-yard dashes (300 total yards) in less than 70 seconds

2. Rest period of 3.5 minutes

3. Twelve more consecutive 25-yard dashes in less than 73 seconds

All participants that successfully complete the challenge in the allotted time will win two season tickets for the rest of the 2010 season, including all potential playoff games. All participants that attempt the challenge will receive a free ticket to a future game this season (excluding Aug. 14).

In the spirit of the challenge, anyone named Albert or wearing a Redskins jersey will receive a free ticket to the game. Additionally, it will be Thirsty Thursday, featuring $1 beers and Pepsi, and there will be a post-game concert at the Crawdad Cafe by Banned on Wednesday.

The irony: If the Redskins offered $1 beer, Haynesworth would have passed the test by now.


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