So long San Antone….

And so this Reunion comes to a close and I travel back today (Sunday). I have so many pictures and videos yet to process when I get home. There is so much to say and describe, I’ll have to put it all in order when I get home.

It felt somewhat strange me getting to be in the midst of all these heroes. I met some awfully nice and brave individuals. I saw people who had been friends for 40 years, talk about each other like they were true and life-long friends. You don’t see these kinds of images every day. It was remarkable.

We talked and honored the 13,000 members of the Big Red One that died serving their country. We learned they didn’t “give thier lives” for their country, rather, combat tore life from them.

I saw troops that had just come home from the middle east. I saw troops who were going to go back. I saw courage.

Thanks to all of my BROthers from the Big Red One. Thanks to the Society of the First Infantry Division. Mostly, thanks to the current, active troops of the First Infantry Division for letting me sleep sound tonight. I’m honored to have met you all.


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