Makes you wonder how people think right?

NFL Hall of Famer Dan “Danimal” Hampton, who is now a co-host on Pro Football Weekly, said this about the Minnesota Vikings playing in New Orleans: “The Vikings need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina.” Oops.

How do you think of stuff like that?

Just imagine, that was only one statement that was offensive.

He also said the Dallas Cowboys were more of the “Brokeback” kind of Cowboys. Wow.

Where did they find this guy?

Wait, wasn’t he dropped on his head as a kid? Another gem from Hampton.

Well, on a better subject, we had our NFL football draft yesterday and I selected the NY Jets as my defensive team. I took grief because Darrelle Revis still hadn’t signed. I wake up this morning and boooo yaaahhh, he’s signed! Sweet. Now, maybe I can work on the running back situation, where I had the 215th best running back in the league.

So, it’s Labor Day today. The last holiday until Thanksgiving. Make it a good one!


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