Yay, Our video won, sorta

Remember I asked everyone to vote for my video for the Texture of Dallas Video Contest?

I want to thank you all for your votes, and guess what? We were in the Top 10!! That means since we finished in 4th spot, our video gets shown at the film festival! Isn’t that neat??? Here’s the story from D Magazine.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is a pleasure to announce the winners of our Texture of Dallas video contest as voted upon by our readers. Thanks to everyone who created videos for the contest and all of you who voted, and be sure to stop by the Dallas Video Festival to watch the full program next Thursday. And so, without further ado, the most popular videos with the percentage of the vote they received:

After the jump:

1. Chris Bourke: “The Texture of Dallas” (39.54%)
2. Kevin Sharpe: “DFW DART Dude at Dealey Plaza” (13.01%)
3. Everado Huerta: “Texture of Dallas” (8.96%)
4. Lou Patton: “Dallas vs. Green Bay Party” (8.08%)
5. Stephen Paul: “My Neighborhood – Deep Ellum” (7.21%)
6. Tommy Orellana: “Texture of Dallas . . . At Night” (6.33%)
7. Bill Roberts: “Whiterock Lake Rowers” (5.80%)
8. Carolyn Sortor: “Untitled” (3.51%)
9. Stacey Archip: “Texture of Dallas” (2.11%)
10. Ann Graham: “Crystal Palace (Infomart), Ed Wallace, and I-35″ (1.76%)
11. Scott Ross: “Swine Flu Zombies” (1.41%)
12. Will Arbery: “The Texture of Dallas” (0.88%)
13. Bart Weiss: “The Texture of a Dinner in Dallas on a Hot Summer Evening” (0.53%)
14. Ryan Jones: “Texture of Dallas” (0.35%)
15. Peter Simek: “Reunion” (0.35%)
16. Peter Ligon: “It’ll Do Family Party” (0.18%)

And here is the winning video…pretty cool.

Which Texture of Dallas Video Was Our Readers’ Favorite? Find Out Here.


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