Jerry Jones charged with sexual assault in suit

Remember when the Dallas Cowboys were owned by an owner that you never saw?  When the Cowboys were coached by a God fearing man who was a devout Christian? Remember when the Cowboys went to the playoffs every year it seems?

The Dallas Cowboys are now owned by one Jerry Jones, and he is being sued for sexual assault.

The lawsuit was filed September 30 by Patricia Gavin. It is described by Courthouse News thusly: “Sexual assault, theft, false imprisonment, and privacy actions where the plaintiff asserts she was pinned against the wall in a restaurant by the defendant and sexually assaulted, among other things.” The suit was filed pro se.

Patricia Gavin has sent copies out of the filing.

Gavin says she’s a former captain in the U.S. Air Force. She claims that Jerry Jones assaulted her at Ocean Prime on the same night that was captured by that famous Deadspin video of a slurring Jones. She also claims that she’s an art dealer; that on the night in question, someone stole her purse, which contained a check for $2 million (British sterling); and that, in an effort to cover this whole thing up, Jones’ financial advisors dosed her with GHB. Oh, also? Somebody got an STD from an assault in the bathroom at Al Biernat’s.

Jones in turn, has filed a restraining order against Patricia Gavin, prohibiting her from having contact with Jones, his family, or anyone associated with the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones Hit With Sexual Assault Suit (Frontburner)


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