Hey Jerry, I think YOU are the problem!

No one wants to read about how bad their team is, but you just can’t help it right? I hate writing about a losing team, especially since it’s been my team for 50 years now.

Why are the Cowboys 1-4 after the game today in Minnesota? Because we don’t have effective coaching. Why don’t we have effective coaching? Because Jerry Jones wants to be the man. He wants to be the Alpha Male. He’s willing to gamble that if his team makes it to the Super Bowl, in some sick sort of way, he can stand on the podium and claim responsibility. Since that isn’t going to happen given the poor record so far this year, then he should take the blame right?

Everyone in North America knows Jerry only hires people he can train as puppets. If they won’t be a Jerry puppet, they go elsewhere. (See Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson).

That’s why the Dallas Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl with the current regime in place. You mean the Cowboys can’t win under Jerry Jones? I didn’t say that. What Jerry would have to do is hire a coach like Bll Cowher, and give him the power to coach. Jerry will never do that. The thing that upsets me most about Jerry Jones is, he makes money regardless if the Cowboys win or lose. (See Super Bowl 45).

If I hear Wade Phillips say one more time how “we are working on fixing that”, I swear I will barf in my mouth. Wade Phillips is the kind of guy that always goes around saying woulda, coulda, shoulda. He never brings fire and brimstone to the table, and I doubt very seriously that the players really respect the old, over-weight, out of his league coach. But, he’s Jerry’s puppet, he’s Jerry’s whipping boy, and the media and fans get to grill Wade about what’s wrong with the Cowboys each week.

I’m personally disappointed because I don’t think anything will change in this scenario. Jerry is having fun, he’s making money, he doesn’t care what the fans think…wanna buy some Cowboys merchandise? That’s what Jerry is about.

It’s been a great Cowboys run. It’s too bad the future is full of loses now.


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