The Unchartered Waters for the AL Champion Texas Rangers

Wow, how about that Game 6?

Colby Lewis and the rest of the Texas Rangers pulled it off. They beat the New York Yankees and have propelled themselves into the World Series! Beating the Yankees was like beating the bully that used to take your lunch money at school. Before this year, the Yankees simply owned the Rangers, like many other teams in Major League Baseball. The Yankees, with their 40+ American League Pennants came to town to bash the Rangers again, except this time, the shoe was on the other foot. As they say in the hood, “we had something for them” in this series.

How have the Rangers become the David, in David and Goliath? Let’s start this discussion with the acquisition of Cliff Lee. Back in July, John Daniels and Nolan Ryan pulled the trigger and out-bid these same New York Yankees for Cliff Lee. There are so many intangibles along with the obvious talent that Lee brought to the Rangers. Would this deal have been done if the old owner, Tom Hicks still in control? Probably not. It took someone willing to deal, willing to trade. I credit Nolan Ryan with this deal. 

In 2010, the pieces have fallen into place like that for the Rangers. Lee brought instant credibility, brought serious blazing fast balls, and was able to pitch with pin-point accuracy to give the Rangers a serious #1 pitcher. Lee has also had a positive effect on other pitchers as well.

That aqusition of Lee began the mid-year process of giving the Rangers a swagger. I think it made the Rangers view themselves with some confidence they haven’t had before. The Rangers felt they pretty much could win at least every 5th day if they could just get Lee some run support.

So what about the World Series? Maybe I can get my San Francisco Giants fan and friend and fellow blogger Rick Chandler to make a wager for something like the mayors from two different cities do all of the time. Maybe we can bet steak vs. BBQ or some such.

I think this is going to be a great World Series. For only the 2nd time since 1980, the World Series will be played west of the Mississippi. I like my Rangers’ chances here. I just think the Rangers have much more offensive firepower than the Giants. I know the Giants have some great pitching, but I like the Rangers chances here. I know this term is over-used, but i feel like the rangers are a team of destiny.


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